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This little bottle of magic has quickly become a shop favorite!
Our herbal simples are just 2 or 3 ingredients crafted to for a specific ailment. Ginger Glycerite is soothing for nausea and belly discomfort. Ginger magically warms us up and increases our personal power & luck. Srngaveram, the Sanskrit word for Ginger means horned body, indicating this root is especially sacred. In ancient times it was used by Priestesses to invoke the power of Fire. Ginger's crisp and spicy flavor infused with the sweet taste of glycerine is a unique combination that is both tasteful and refreshing!

Dose half a dropper full to soothe digestive discomfort, for warming the belly, and balancing the lower 3 chakras. Ginger is ruled by the sun and has grounding properties as well as the ability to bring fire and warmth to our lives during long winter days 🌞✨

Ginger Glycerite

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