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A quaint establishment in the heart of Downtown Blackwood, Mystic Ginger has created a unique niche in the beauty industry. An infusion of hair services with the awareness of the energetic component of working within a client’s personal atmosphere. Mystic Ginger offers a range of unique service appointments such as Full Moon Haircuts & Reiki Infused Scalp Massages. Whether you need to release energy that no longer serves you or set intentions for a new phase, the stylists of Mystic Ginger are there to guide you through the metaphysical aspects of self care.


We carry within us a passion for helping people feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. We do this by providing a safe and inviting atmosphere and setting aside plenty of time to spend with each client. Mystic Ginger provides exclusive appointments to their clientele. This means that your time at the shop is solely yours to be focused on and cared for. Through enhancing the beauty of the exterior, the stylists of the studio illuminate the natural internal light inside each guest.


Sustainable beauty is the essence of Mystic Ginger – as well as the awareness of the inseparable unity between exterior and interior beauty. As a Davines concept salon, Mystic Ginger’s primary focus is to provide its clientele with hair services utilizing a product line that is plant based and 98% biodegradable, to encourage people to take care of themselves, as well as the environment. Mystic Ginger is Certified Sustainable Salon, partnering with Green Circle Salons, which repurposes and recovers up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste; materials such as hair, leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper and plastics. 


Mystic Ginger is also an herbal apothecary created by an in house Certified Community Herbalist. Handcrafted Herbal Remedies line the shelves, apothecary products are handmade utilizing traditional folk herbalism methods; with botanicals that are organic, homegrown & wild harvested; with sustainable ingredients and eco friendly packaging. The studio is also a workshop space that hosts multiple events and unique classes each month. Owner & Herbalist, Kellie D’Ascenzo, guides herbal information sessions & hands on workshops seasonally. 


Another unique aspect of the boutique is that it is also home to dozens of local artists’ handmade wares such as jewelry, pottery, holistic beauty products & more. “We are making every effort we can to support artists in the area” says Kellie. All of the boutique items are crafted by artists that live in the Tri-State area with preference to those living in South Jersey.  You can feel the love and care that has been put into creating the sacred space that is Mystic Ginger.

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