Our Lunar Visionary Ritual Incense Blend in a Ritual Kit, complete with Natural Coconut Shell Charcoals, Feather, Abalone shell for burning, & 3oz Jar of Lunar Visionary Loose Incense.

This ritual incense blend of lunar herbs heightens your intuition & guides your spirit into astral realms. While White Sage protects & purifies your alter space, allow the enticing Mugwort & Angelica enchant your Astral Body & support your visual quest.

Used for Dream Work, Enhancing Third Eye Awareness & Psychic Intuition. Mystic Ginger Apothecary Ritual blends honour all belief systems & respects all forms of spirituality. Hand Crafted with Moon Magick + love. All ingredients are Organic, Homegrown &/or Wild Foraged.

Create cone shape with herbs, on top of charcoal in abalone shell. Light Charcoal & Herbs with Flame.

Lunar Visionary Ritual Incense Kit


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